Transamerica Pyramid to Shine ‘Beacon of Hope’ for Bay Area

The owners of the Transamerica Pyramid will resume daily lighting of the building’s crown jewel beacon as a sign of hope for the region and solidarity with Bay Area healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 6,000-watt beacon, which sits atop the 853-foot tall Transamerica Pyramid, can be seen throughout the city as well as the East and North Bays when lit at night.

“Each night at 8pm, the crown jewel beacon will be lit to honor healthcare workers throughout the Bay Area who are performing vital work and battling to save lives of Bay Area residents during the crisis,” says Elaine Chan, General Manager at JLL.

“We hope the beacon will give some inspiration and hope to the millions of residents who are hunkering down in an attempt to ‘flatten the curve’ of infection here in the Bay Area,” Suman Gera, Managing Director at Aegon Asset Management adds.

Neighborly support during COVID-19

A JLLer steps up to help the San Francisco Fire Department

When John Wren, Director of Security on our Property Management team, started working at the Transamerica Pyramid Center in San Francisco, he quickly built relationships with numerous public safety departments in the area.

“I was a police officer for over 20 years in Texas,” John said. “The San Francisco Fire Department Station No.13 is our next-door neighbor and I know the importance of building strong relationships with these valuable lifesavers.”

As the COVID-19 crisis unfolded, many health and public safety organizations expressed the need for more masks and other critical supplies.

“We had an unopened box containing around 350 N95 masks sitting in the emergency supply room,” said John. “I knew these could immediately be used by our first responders.”

John was able to promptly deliver the masks to the fire department on behalf of the Transamerica Center.

“We’re so grateful to John and the Transamerica Pyramid Center for their donation of N95 masks,” said Deputy Chief Wyrsch of the San Francisco Fire Department. “This is a direct result of pre-established public-private partnerships.”

“Knowing the situations our first responders are dealing with every day, it means a great deal that I can still have an impact within the community,” said John.