JULY 28, 2015 (San Francisco, Calif.): The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has just awarded the Transamerica Pyramid the highest certification in environmental sustainability – LEED Platinum for the second time.

LEED EB certification expires every five years, which required the Cushman & Wakefield team who manages the building to track performance during the last four years to ensure that all performance requirements were met. This was balanced with BuildingWise’s Green Heartbeat program that assists in maintaining documentation throughout the course of the longer recertification period.

The success of recertification was measured by how much better the building performed compared to last time it was certified in 2011.

Requirements that were met or exceeded included:

  • Indoor Water Efficiency: Achieved 22.61% indoor water use reduction a calculated water savings of 709,280 Gallons per year
  • Outdoor Water Efficiency: Achieved 55.65% outdoor water use reduction, saving approximately 11,094 gallons during peak irrigation month
  • Janitorial Purchases: Calculated at 79% sustainable by cost
  • Transportation: 83.52% of tenants used alternative commutership, the largest concentration of which utilized public transportation at 3,494 trips per week
  • An ENERGY STAR Score of 89 at the time of submission
  • Energy Use Intensity at 135.9 kBtu/sf (36% higher than the national Median Property)
  • GreenHouse Gas Emissions reported at 4,389.4 Metric Tons of CO2, as compared to the median national property of 6,659.1 mtCO2, resulting in a 34.08% reduction
  • Purchase of 25% green power to offset emissions for two years
  • Involvement in a unique alternative compliance path to invest support in the National Fish and Wildlife Fund, supporting offsite habitat restoration
  • A 69.8% waste reduction in ongoing consumables, consistent with the waste audit report 69.8% diversion
  • Tenant improvement procurement for construction materials for all interior projects
  • Calibration of all building sensors and actuators, water meters, and energy meters
  • Pest control compliance

This recertification of the Pyramid comes on the heals of the recently awarded LEED Platinum Certification for its sister building, 505 Sansome, also located in the Transamerica Pyramid Center block.

“Environmental sustainability is a key focus for the projects in our portfolio,” said Mark Novack, Real Estate Portfolio Manager for Aegon USA Realty Advisors LLC, an affiliate of Transamerica Pyramid Properties, LLC, the owner of the Transamerica Pyramid Center. “The continued commitment by the Cushman & Wakefield management team, as well as our partners at BuildingWise has resulted in the LEED Platinum certification for both buildings at the Transamerica Pyramid Center.”

Currently, the Pyramid is on track for the next recertification in 2020, tracking performance, ensuring compliance, and counting points throughout the calendar years.