All Available Space

Transamerica Pyramid All Available Space, PDF

Entire 46th
(Suite 4600)
2,876 RSFJune 1, 2018NegotiableDelivered in shell condition.View
Entire 42nd
(Suite 4200)
3,457 RSFJune 1, 2018NegotiableDelivered in shell condition.View
Entire 28th
(Suite 2800)
7,758 RSFNowNegotiable11 private offices, 2 conference rooms, kitchen, and production area.View
Partial 15th
(Suite 1550)
5,916 RSFNowNegotiable7 glass fronted offices, 2 collaborative areas, conference room, reception, pantry, copy room, IT, storage, and space for work stations.View
Partial 12th
(Suite 1250)
7,521 RSFNowNegotiableGood open space with 8 offices, new ceiling and double door entry. 30-day move-in.View
Partial 5th
(Suite 550)
3,529 RSFNowNegotiableNew ceiling and lighting; Title 24 compliant. Open condition. Will improve for 5 year term or longer.View

505 Sansome All Available Space , PDF

Partial 20th
(Suite 2025)
3,513 RSFNowNegotiable4 private offices, conference room, open space for workstations, kitchen, and storage.View
Partial 19th
South (Suite 1980)
2,904 RSFOccupy Now/ASAPNegotiableMostly open space with 1 view office, 1 conference room, pantry, and large IT/storage Room. Good views.View
Partial 19th
North (Suite 1975)
1,430 RSFSeptember 1, 2018Negotiable1 private office, conference room, work room, private restroom, and open space.View
Partial 19th
Northwest (Suite 1950)
3,033 RSFJuly 1, 2018Negotiable5 private offices, 1 large conference room, pantry and reception area for two stations.View
Partial 19th
Northeast (Suite 1925)
2,617 RSFNowNegotiable5 private offices, 2 conference rooms and kitchen.View
Partial 17th
West (Suite 1701)
4,332 RSFNowNegotiable9 private offices, 2 conference rooms, kitchen, and production room.View
Partial 15th
Southeast (Suite 1501)
1,775 RSFNowNegotiable3 PO's, 1 conference room, reception, storage, and open space.View
Partial 3rd
(Suite 375)
1,988 RSFJuly 1, 2018Negotiable4 private offices, conference room, production area, and open space.View
Entire 2nd
(Suite 200)
7,921 RSFSeptember 1, 2018NegotiableHigh ceilings and operable windows. 12-15 offices, 1 large conference room, IT, Kitchen and file storage.View